Classic jumping shot May 8, 2011
IMG_0410 March 13, 2011

Burns Night and Homestay

February 9, 2011


Sightseeing the local castle ruins

So much was going on in January! January 25th is a holiday called Burns Night in Scotland, and it celebrates the birthday of Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet. Its a fairly big deal here, there are lots of “Burns suppers,” ceilidhs, dressing up in kilts, and poetry reciting. A ceilidh is a Scottish dance, […]

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Let The Classes Begin

January 27, 2011


The Library

Ahh, the joys of education. It is now in the third week of classes, and I finally feel fully settled in to them and back into the swing of things. The first two weeks of the term here are somewhat chaotic and messy – that’s when tutorials and labs are getting sorted out, and many […]

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Pictures and fun facts

January 8, 2011



Here’s some pictures from our bus trip, and a collection of nifty facts about Sc0tland that our program advisors and the tour guide were telling us. – Scotland is the only country which does not put the name of the country on postage stamps, because they were the first to use them. – There has […]

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I made it!

January 7, 2011



After 3 flights and several hours of layover time, I am finally in Edinburgh! I must say, the trip over here was great. Even though I didn’t sign up to take the group flight, I ended up being on the same flights as the group. And since I was there with everybody, I got to […]

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Almost time…

December 30, 2010


Oh man. Five days until I leave for Scotland. I’m getting very excited and a little nervous, as you would expect. I’ve been slowly packing and doing prep work in between seeing friends and family for the last few weeks. I really hope I’ll be able to easily fit everything I want to bring in […]

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